2015 Congress Dinner suggestions

The National Council tasked me with finding likely venues to eat at Congress this year.

My partner and I stay in the city every 6 months or so and have tried many places, these suggestions have all been tried and they serve delicious food.

  • Seoul-Ria - Korean food, near the Congress venue. Has free ban-chan (nibbles) once you order and is popular with Koreans. For people who haven’t tried Korean food, it is kinda spicy, hearty Asian food. Stews, soups etc. Menu
  • Basil Pizza - Newtown. Delicious pizza. Wide variety.
  • The Nepalese Kitchen - Surry Hills. Nepalese food is similar to Indian food, only better. More interesting ingredients, better made.

Both the Nepalese Kitchen and Seoul-Ria are among my favorite restaurants anywhere and who doesn’t like pizza?

Add other ideas below.

Guess it depends on people’s moods and how far away they want to venture - I’m staying in the CBD near the venue and I don’t know many places around Sydney so my options are open!

If no-one really wants to do much there are a few options around World Square or Chinatown that I know of.

Seoul Ria would be awesome for the Saturday night. It is very close to the congress venue and licensed.

The other places I recommended aren’t too far from the city, 3 train stations away for the pizza place, 10 minute walk from Central for the Nepalese place, but if people want to stay in the CBD that is understandable. I’m a bit of a foodie, so a 10 minute walk is well worth it in my eyes for the delicious noms.

This one sounds like my most preferred option. Open to suggestion though :smile: