Alternative names for the Party

We have had this thing called an election to deal with. I am too buggered to do anything significant for a few days at least, and then there are processes that need to happen. See:

There also needs to be explanatory email written and the voting system set up.


How about just Winners

Can we be the “Common Wealth” party?

or I like “The Common Good Party”.
I think is reflects what we stand for. We stand for the common good of all Australians.
and it’s got “Good” right there in the name.
How bad could it be?


Awesome, however i have a sad feeling that the “Common Wealth” party won’t be acceptable (at least from what I was reading in regards to party name registration in WA)

“The Common Good Party” is however equally great, put that up and I vote for it :slight_smile:

@Frew was talking about the origins of pirates, ie the enclosure movement , loss of the commons ,it makes sense. Admitly the “Common Wealth” would be more sensible and poignat.



Progressive Commons of Australia !

Im sorry but none of these ideas reach me at all. I am totally 100% in favour of retaining the name Pirate Party in line with our international comrades

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I am new to the Pirate Party, having been brought on board by the name. But I quite like the sound of the Open Party of Australia, or OPAu for short.

Gives me images of a party free from corruption or people using it for personal gain.

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Vote MAD. Yeah. I can run with that. I’m halfway there as Mad Pirate Gator in Twitter.


So phone polling would be BOOTY calls? :smiley:


How about Free & Open Party?

Australian Copyright Reform Party?
I know that makes us a single issue party, but it’s the core of what we are here about and easy for others to understand.
Public Domain Party?
Again, speaks to a core issue, while having a little more breadth of possibility.

What about the people’s party?

What about the people’s party?

Already (sort of) taken: Australian Peoples Party

To me, Transparency, Liberty and Digital Reform Party sounds like one of the best suggestions so far.

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Millennial Party?

We’re here for the long haul and we’ll bring in the youngsters.

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TL;DR? Oh, that’s sweet!

None of those parties were/are successful. All require someone elses coat tails to ride to success on. Combined with a crooked electoral distribution system. If people want a centrist party or a multi-faced broad spectrum party - join one but dont change the PP to meet your needs.

The so called joke name Pirate is what will get us noticed. Centrist policies and party names will only lead to oblivion.

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