Andrew Yang running for USA president on a UBI platform

Here he is talking in-depth on the subject:

FYI, he’s a Democrat.


Plenty of similarities with us beyond UBI, too.

his in-depth economic explanations of how ubi would be funded and how it would benefit business are really exciting!
I’m 15 minutes in, and I think I might watch the whole interview.

If you really want to see him go deep on the economic considerations, watch him interviewed by Ben Shapiro, the ultra-conservative talking head.
Amazingly, they mostly agreed. I think it’s because it looks more like a modified capitalism with greater individual freedom than any kind of big government control thing.

Also, Joe Rogan is amazingly effective as an interviewer for someone that started out as an MMA fight commentator and comedian. His long form interviews, and a light touch on the probing questions, to mostly just let them talk it through.

Somehow he always asks the question I want him to ask, right about the time when he does, and I just kind of nod, grunt “yeah”, and flow into the answer.

I think it’s because he just wants to understand what they’re thinking rather than debate them.


He’s the only candidate, so far, to whom I’ve donated.

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You moved to the States?

Been here for 18 months.

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My first thought was, “But that’s illegal.” Which was followed almost immediately by, “Hang on, he’d know that …” :wink:

Oh, where abouts?

I’m currently visiting, in Boston.

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I’m in the Bay Area. PM me for more details, if interested, or if you want to be referred for an interview in Sydney.

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