Any Pirates in Adelaide want to meet up?

I’ll be in Adelaide for a few days at the start of December, and am just wondering if any Pirates there want to meet up for drinks/dinner/lunch or something? I’m free on the weekend 6–7 December. I don’t know much about venues, but somewhere central is probably most convenient for a group. Any suggestions?

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I’m always available!
Any other ideas?

How about @IAmNotDoritos too?

yes, 'Em too! I’ll announce it on the list!

Sounds good :slight_smile: Finished uni for the year now so free whenever. Plenty of places in the city where we can get food :smiley:

Might be able to make it… any time Friday (5th), lunch time Sat, or Sun evening.

I reckon Friday night sounds like a good option :smile:

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Agreed, At what time? 19:30? also what place?

I reckon 6:30 pm. Not sure of where. Someone recommend something!

OK… 6:30 PM at The corner of Hindley and bank street (i.e. the maccas corner), we’ll pick a nearby place then.)

Now that was a bust… Sorry if anyone was there at 6:30, I was a little distracted and so arrived at 6:40. Mozart couldn’t come, he texted me about that.

Can we retry on Sunday night ?
P.S. @TheMeissnerEffect, @IAmNotDoritos: if you did meet, can we have a summary of the discussion?

Sorry I couldn’t make it either. Promised to take my sister to the movies on Friday night.
I’m free Sunday :smile:

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On second thought… Meet me at the regular meeting, of sorts, on Wednesday night, see the calendar…