Biggest Corruption Case in Australia?


Is this something we should be discussing? It seems like it’s a major issue we should take notice of because it’s basically censorship at the highest level of Australian Politics. And I find it interesting that some people still expect to be able to cover up things like this in the digital age.

What are your opinions?

Linking directly to a superinjunction will potentially get us in trouble so I redacted the URL. Forums are a favoured target when it comes to unreasonable people with a bone to pick.

Examples include ACMA threatening people for not removing links to “banned material” and being threatened with getting fined for each day they don’t do it, or individuals suing the forum host for slander that may occur on their service even if it was moderated.

It is however acceptable to link to articles that discuss this issue using doublespeak, as long as one doesn’t propagate access to the leak itself, nor name any of the parties involved in said leak.

The leak itself can probably be found on Wikileaks if one were so inclined to look into abusive regimes that protect the ruling class and call it “justice”.

That’s perfectly understandable.
If anyone wants more info, this article gives a good overview.