"Bill Shorten is Christian Lobby's keynote speaker"

Article is here

The reason I’m bringing this to the Party’s attention is that I believe it would be in our interests (and also the country’s) to write a letter to Mr Shorten requesting that he cancel his appearance at the Christian Lobby’s National Conference.


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Sounds good to me. Not the first time the Labor party has done stupid shit like this unfortunately.

Gillard was to be a keynote speaker in 2012 but cancelled after the managing director opened his mouth and - surprise! - something offensive fell out.

How much influence do these people actually have anyway, vote wise? Whatever it is, perceived or real, it’s too bloody much.

I have no objections to the proposed letter to Mr Shorten.

I only just found out about the ACL. These are my first reactions:
As a Christian, I find them embarrassing. As a queer, I find them insulting.

Beaten to the punch.

I am a regular church-going Anglican. So I feel somewhat qualified to consider the Australian Christian Lobby as nothing short of a sanitised Ku Klux Klan, and find it difficult to understand why any political party in its right mind would lend credence to this most unChristian of organisations.

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O.K. I’ll confess my eyesight is not what it once was; however I initially read the above as “satanised Ku Klux Klan.” Perhaps not quite a Freudian slip?


Haha I did the same thing!

The ALP has always had a weird discordant crush on those people. The internet filter and the refusal to ditch the chaplaincy program both grew from it. A letter or possibly a cold shower would be useful.