Brandis and Turnbull working on joint piracy crackdown policy - ZDNet

Australian Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Attorney-General George Brandis have been meeting to discuss various proposals for how to crack down on Australians downloading copyright-infringing TV shows, movies, and music, including adapting the Spam Act, and graduated responses as proposed by the Communications Alliance.

Watch as Turnbull will backflip on his sentiments in 2012 and push an undesirable and unworkable policy forward.

Brandis really is a piece of work. I was watching some of Scott Ludlams questions to him and his ministers about his policy and as well as not answering the majority of the questions put to him, he felt he needed constantly take issue with Ludlam ‘interrupting’ him instead of answering questions.

Is the general consensus among professionals in this area that his policy will essentially have little to no effect on piracy levels in Australia.

From my understanding the main reasons people pirate are lack of easy access to media.

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