Brisbane Pirates Meetup - Saturday 25 June

Greetings All,

I’ve got a Brisbane Meet Up scheduled for the Saturday before the election to hopefully finalise polling booth matters and if necessary hand out materials.

The only issue is timing: I’d originally scheduled the meeting for 12:30, but there’s a Marriage Equality Rally at 1 pm. It might be better to have the meet up either before or after the rally. It’d be good to have some Pirates present at said rally.

Chime in with your thoughts on times for this.

Kind regards,


Agree, retime. I suggest rally-goers (if any) meet up shortly before the rally nearby to it, then off to the meetup proper afterwards.

Shit! Can’t do any other time except 12.30! Had lined up a couple of fellow Toowoomba peeps to come down with me. Last meeting I was feeling like shit - day 2 of a cold.

Hmm (in which Alex rethinks). Unless we had a reasonably significant crew or good visual-presence hack, our visibility as Pirates would be marginal.

We don’t currently have an established presence of being at these things as Pirates, either. This clearly needs to change, but yeah, timing not the greatest: “the first time you show up to one of these things is a week before the election, good one”.

The rally, for those wondering, would start at Queens Park (southern end of Elizabeth St) and work its way around the CBD.

Actually it’s not the first time mate…we all went to one a few years ago (Southbank), then went to the next one and couldn’t find the venue then it was moved to a small bar in Queens Street Mall…which we couldn’t find, then it moved to some Asian restaurant I think (again couldn’t find on the Mall) and we kinda gave up going down on a Thursday night - was always close to midnight when we finally got back to Toowoomba, working the next day et al. None of us really knows Brisbane very well and if that’s the attitude???

I was referring to us being at the rally as Pirates, not to you and your friends. My apologies.

Ah sorry - got that completely out of context then…my bad…

12:58 Currently upstairs at Irish Murphys.

13:13 heading over

We’ll also be having a coordination meeting at some point this week in #ppau-qld.