Civil Liberties Campaign

We are about to be subjected to a national facial recognition database among a raft of new anti-terrorism laws and the public have shrugged and there has been little to no outcry. In fact, aqccording to the most recent poll, 2 in 3 Australians are unconcerned about the facial recognition database.

What can we do to raise awareness about the risks to a free society and democracy that the erosion to civil liberties pose?

What can we do to make further attacks on civil liberties politically costly for the duopoly?

I don’t have any answers, but we need them.


Qld will have a press release ready as soon as we finalise strategic talks with one more group. No ETA but hopefully soon.

Is it finally time to announce that we can no longer warn people of the risks to our free society because we no longer have a free society and that there are no longer erosions to civil liberties because we don’t have them?

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