Create a participatory democracy by encouraging the people to engage into various projects

Hello again,
I think the whole political system is flawed, because the politicians are focusing on getting into power and not into building solutions. Political parties, together with their supporters can do many good things in order to fix or to improve their society, even without being in power.
The politicians never try to improve the system while they are not in power, they only want to climb into power. When the politicians are not in power, they should gain the public confidence by engaging into implementing solutions, instead of playing image games. The more they do and the more efficient they will be, the more supporters they will have, and then they will get into power because they proved they are actually capable to come with solutions.

Any political party can call it’s supporters (and the general public) for participating into various projects like:

  • build cheap houses with donated money and work and rent them for super-cheap
  • buy land and create cooperative farms or small private farms, giving jobs to the people
  • call the people to sign petitions and to join manifestations for changing certain laws
  • create newspapers dedicated to exposing corruption and increasing transparency
  • create online encyclopedias
  • help old people
  • help orphan children
  • there are many other such ideas that the people can find, if only the political parties would encourage them to come together and to find such ideas.

I think this is the most important thing into politics at this moment: to change the passivity of the electorate, engaging it into creating a participatory democracy.
Democracy doesn’t mean just the freedom to vote, democracy means the freedom to associate and to build a better society, together with the other citizens like you.

I think this is what the Pirate Party should be doing.

Thanks for reading this message.

I think if people had the time to do these things, they would but I think work is a priority because the bills and mortgage just keep going up. And at the end of the day they are to worn down. It would be great if you could organize a group to do this but finding the money, time and people is hard.

Excuse me but that’s quite unrealistic.
There are many unemployed people, who have plenty of time to participate into voluntary projects. Also, not everybody buys houses with credit - some people get one from their (grand)parents, others live with their parents, others never buy a house and pay a rent.
After coming home from their jobs, most of the people can find two or three free hours to do something else.
In Italy for example, there is an organization named “Rumori Sinistri”, investigating abuses and exploitation of working immigrants. Such things are done voluntarily by people who are ready to invest their free time into doing it.
Wikipedia is written also by a very diverse group of voluntary people - and many of them are paying bills and mortgages.
Also most of the people have one or two free days in the weekend and they can participate in that time.

And if the people want to fix their lives and to stop being worn down by an abusive system, they have to actually act against this system, by getting together and creating solutions, instead of waiting until forever for the system to fix their problems. The system is teaching us every day to be selfish and individualistic so we have to react and to be the opposite - altruistic and willing to help and to cooperate.

I am already organizing the work at the Agriculture Encyclopedia and Country Statistics Encyclopedia, I have also started a forum for all the activists in the world, and I am ready to do much more. There is no need for money in order to do such work, we only need people who are willing to invest their free time into such things.

Just a simple example: In the West, the communists for are just talking and doing nothing. In Israel, the communists are actually getting together and work in cooperative farms (kibutz).

I think this is the most important thing that the West and the world in general has to learn: democracy means engaging into building solutions, not only waiting for the politicians to fix everything for us. The people can always find fancy excuses for not participating, but that’s not going to help them. The society will only work when the people will become vigilant and when they will create a participatory democracy.

I forgot to mention between suggestions:

Another idea is to create groups or even worker unions that help the workers that are exploited.
When such a worker needs help, a group of volunteers can visit them at work and gather proof that the person is exploited. For example the group can confirm that the abused worker enter at work at 6:00 AM and goes home at 18:00, working 12 hours / day instead of 8 hours per day. They can also make photos and gather any other possible evidence they can.

Another idea is to create groups to search and find companies who employ people without papers. Find the abused workers and gather proof that they work there. After that, call the police or the workplace inspection to do it’s job.

I have asked my worker union if they have such groups because I would like to volunteer, but they don’t have it. It really looks to me like the worker unions are very corrupt lately. I think we really need new and honest worker unions, to replace these corrupt and phony outfits.

I live in Spain and there are simply too many people who work without papers or who work longer hours, and that destroys the labor market. There are also a lot of immigrants working without papers to clean the houses of the rich or to take care of their babies or old people. This very much looks like a modern form of slavery. If the rich people want cleaning or babysitting, they should pay people who work with papers for that.