Apparently creationists on the street didn’t get the memo.

because scientists are not in charge of what is taught as science in schools.

I like this as a general framework for policy, not just religious belief. Requires everyone to be able to stand back and examine own beliefs, regardless of position on a given topic. Good stuff.

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Evidence based policy is one of the defining principles of our approach to policy development. You may notice the references cited below published policies.

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It’s easier to understand genetic algorithms.

Btw, it’s not survival of the fittest. It’s the 70th percentile, ala Woodstock. Look around you at the biomass. And count the tigers, lizards, snakes, mice.

Go to hell, blind Darwin followers, who started the world’s worst race condition.

The fact that it works ( the evolutionary process) and can be observed scientifically ( currently mostly empirical methods) means it exists. Game over.

Also one is referred to the passage in the book of Tim Ferris counting the number of occasions ( 50+ if one remembers correctly ) that he’s broken his bones in his eternal quest to be the best he can be at whatever.

And then let us try and understand the medical establishment that enables that.

And give us our multi-storey hosptial at every corner. Let us very seriously use the moral hazard argument here.

Also if the definition of an Australian architect is to complain about the collapsed bridge at the New Delhi Asian Games, instead of studying the numbers of airports built under Public Private IPO.


The main problem with “Evolution”, however, is that, according to all the rules (laws) of logic, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics (statistically) it is completely impossible.

“Evolution” is a purely ideological assumption fraudulently marketed as “science”. It has no foundation in any valid scientific method and is merely a fanciful interpretation of some carefully “cherry-picked” and equally carefully edited and censored natural phenomena by a world locked in stunted adolescent egomania.


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“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” -Sagan.


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Very compelling displays of infantile ignorance and adolescent egomania. Clearly, you have no rational (as in scientific observation and logic) basis for the ideology you wish to impose.

My guess is that you will be advocating psychological “re-education” concentration camps for anyone who dares question your irrational ideology. It has been the standard “remedy” for such ideologues since Mme. Guillotine proved pretty ineffective at “enlightening” the world.

It seems to me that The Pirate Party is just another psycho-political con-job marketing mental slavery branded as the “liberty, equality, fraternity” version snake oil.

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One of our slogans is Freedom Democracy Science.

Scientific consensus is that life evolves through the process of evolution. If you believe otherwise, the onus is on you to prove otherwise. We go with the scientific consensus.

If you want an explanation of what evolution is, just look up Wikipedia like most people would do.

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Naaawwwww but I like posting evolution memes.

I didn’t come down in the last shower, Frew.

How does “scientific consensus” differ from political or ideological “consensus”?

It can be measured and replicated.


If “scientific consensus” can be measured (by, say, a head count or poll) then why can’t an ideological or political “consensus” be measured similarly? And why couldn’t it be replicated with the same disinformation anywhere?

“Consensus” is, by definition, the opinion of a group. That opinion can be formed by any political salesmanship or convenience… not necessarily connected with any objective assessments of reality.

That’s why we need a scientific method to assess the validity of observations and their projections.

There is no disinformation about evolution. If evidence that it is wrong exists and is credible, bring it forth for analysis by experts. It only takes one serious refutation for a theory to be blown out of the water. Science is a method, scientific knowledge is the best guess based on available evidence. If there is evidence that evolution is wrong, then it would change the entire scientific paradigm.

Oi … @Oldavid, before you go any further respond to this …

You’ve made an assertion without evidence. Provide evidence, or shut-the-fuck-up (“STFU” for future reference).

Ya fuk’n sook. Waaa … Waaa. Next you’ll tell us to “do our own research”. The pseudo-science catch cry … mate, get a grip.

oh, you’re fuk’n kidding, right? Mme. Guillotine? … For. Fuck’s. Sake. You Heathen.

lol … Snake Oil v2.0 …