Designing Open Democracy - Melbourne Meeting


One of the core values of PPAU is a preference for more participatory and open democratic process.

There are a few groups around Australia starting to work on more participatory (vs. representative) government.
Notable amongst them are:

I’ve been in contact with a group with members of at least the first two of these, that is trying to start some regular meetups to discuss concepts and generally progressing open democracy in Australia.

There is an initial meeting in Melbourne, set for Thursday 15’s December (this Thursday)

I’m not going to be able to make a Thursday Melbourne meetup with such little notice (I’m in Sydney).
Are there any PPAU folks in Melbourne with an interest in Open Democracy that would like to get along to this?
If so, you can sign up in the meetup link above., but please let me know too. I want to keep in touch with this.

Further to this, If there are PPAU folks in Sydney who are interested, then also join the meetup group, and mention that you are in Sydney. There’s already a couple of Sydney people on the list. If a few more are interested, we can form a gathering.


This week is bad for me, I’m at a workshop in country Victoria, but otherwise I would like to make it to these.

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Designing Open Democracy : Technical Discussion Group

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We are a team of process engineers, social architects and philosophers. What we aim to do is to help spur discussions as to the technology, engineering and design of social sy...

Check out this Meetup Group →

For your information we have another meeting on this month. The difference is this year we will be promoting publicly a regular event called “General Social And Political Discussion”, as one of the issues we think we should try to tackle is voter apathy.

There will regularly be a official representative from the Flux Party as well who has committed to attend these general politics meets. So I would encourage any member from the Pirate Party to attend as well to diversify the discussion. (As well as any other political parties as well as usual).


Beer Deluxe @ Fed Square
2 Swanston St Melbourne VIC 3004 · Melbourne


Thursday, March 29, 2018
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Oh and btw we now have a dedicated web forum as well


Just a reminder to everyone in the party that Designing Open Democracy is still going to be meeting in Federation Square this Thursday at 29th of March 6pm, in melbourne.

Attending will be at least a Flux Representative, hopefully other parties will be present as well.

So far 13 people has RSVPed, if you are in Melbourne, please do come around!

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