Election Scorecards

So far our policies are being met with high scores from privacy orientated organisations. (As they should be)

Let us know here if you see any others :slight_smile:


Haven’t seen any others but I noticed under the Australian Privacy Foundation we rank 4 for eHealth. This and area that I have a lot of strengths in as I work with Health infomatics daily. If you need someone to help with the issues and to help write a policy then give us a buzz.


I have been tracking down issue scorecards this election and have compiled a list of over 40 at Nofibs.com.au: nofibs.com.au/2016-election-scorecards-for-ausvotes-to-help-you-decide-curated-by-takvera/

As well as the 3 scorecards under Privacy and Digital Rights, Pirate Party has also been rated on 2 animal welfare scorecards:

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