Four Corners episode on NBN airs Monday

23rd of October

Seems like a straight up Pirate Party issue especially given the rapidly rising levels of discontent as people finally start to realize what’s happend. How could we best capitalize?


You could start by preparing some social media posts, gathering a few news articles, and framing it around our formal party policy:

We use a ‘pad’ system for drafting, it is essentially multi-player notepad, I’ve create a new document up for you (it is empty):

Our main socmed channels are below, to give you an idea of the kinds of content we publish.


After you get your head around it, I’d be happy to interview you on my community radio show, either as a private individual or as a pirate party spokesperson ( I’m unsure of the exact approval mechanism ) - or get someone else to do that if it is not something you are comfortable with. Worst case I could read out a media release.

Then, post up the interview and promote it via facebook, twitter and other means.

See some previous work here :

In particular, I did an interview with George Williams recently :

and some stuff on copyright, including @MarkG from the pirate party :

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The media coverage coming out already, this is going to be BIG, basically Malcolm Turnbull admitting that he stuffed the whole thing up

Luckily it is commercially unviable which means it stays in public hands.

The echo of “We told you so!” from the tech community is going to be very very loud.

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I’m personally quite terrible at radio (talk too fast), and am also very new to this so apologies if I’m cautious at first! I can recommend Mark Gregory though as basically an authority on all things NBN for anything that needs fact checking, and to provide a face for the issue. He’s an academic at my old univeristy (RMIT Melbourne) and has frequently been very vocal on this topic.

The pad is a good idea, I haven’t had a chance to put anything into it yet but this is definitely the week to go hard on NBN, I noticed Turnbull has just taken a full frontal approach by blaming Labor.

To refute the points he makes in this article:

  • he says Labor stuffed it up by incorporating instead of using the NZ approach, however Labor did attempt the NZ approach multiple times (by putting out those tenders) and Telstra refused to come to the table
  • Turnbull praises NZ for separating wholesale and retail, when it was John Howard who sold Telstra without separating them
  • The NBN was originally not political, with non partisan experts from Europe, who were replaced the second Turnbull got in
  • The figures he gives (6 years longer and $30bn more) have never been indepedently endorsed, in fact NZ has got the FTTP installation figure down below FTTN (article from 18 months ago:
  • The LNP could have scrapped the NBN if it was such a bad idea at the time, instead of wholeheartedly endorsing the FTTN approach as viable and desirable

To reframe the discussion!

  • The NBN was about faster upload speeds for small business. Moving to copper dashed that idea
  • The NBN was about reliability. But the unreliable copper was kept
  • The NBN was going to make a profit. But copper has a much higher operational expenditure due to complexity and maintenance requirements. This is the most devastating point, that the party who prides itself on business issues could mess up the business case so badly, getting flanked by TPG who have done a large fibre deploy (and are now getting hit with a fixed line tariff to try to even the playing field)

As you suggested I could gather links to existing articles into that pad and we push them on social media all week long. I can also write articles if it helps (although it takes a while to source/verify all of the figures)

I’ll try to think of some catchy slogans/posters for consideration, we need to turn the outrage into action, either by getting more people into PP as a result or encouraging them to educate themselves on the issue


Actually (and again I’m new to politics), has the Pirate Party ever tried issuing press releases?

Sometimes it’s hard for journalists to do the run around, get the facts, interview everyone. A press release in their inbox with dot point talking points can be a tempting way to add new perspectives to an article


We issue press releases at a rate of about 1 every month, you can find them on the front page and as part of the party announcements mailing list. Most recently we have joined other Pirate Parties around the world in supporting the Catalonians right to self expression and against censorship, before that we discussed an EU Commission study into media piracy which was FOI’d by a prominent European Pirate Julia Reda.

It would be great if you can prepare a press release for this. You can find a guide here and I’ll provide support and assistance to you. We request you work on your drafts via for collaborative editing.

I’m going to ping @twisty here and we’ll get some of your sound bites going out ASAP. Email me CC


just so the link is here … PPAU policy Support for fibre-to-the-premises infrastructure projects

I appreciate any ideas. Post them here if you like. Let’s make some noise! Art is always good …

Great interview by Karl Stefanovic

@twisty any chance of tweeting this interview under our account? And ask Karl if he’s secretly a Pirate.

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Well, it’s just a little thing, but, I’ve added the following line to my email .signature file:

This message may be delayed by failures of the Australian NBN.

Although that’s just my regular email, not the Party one. Still, it’s going to take a long time for these problems to be fixed and so adding a permanent line to my .signature will be relevant for as long as I’m in Australia, most likely (i.e. probably the rest of my life).

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lol … I’m going to do that too!

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I think “This message may be delayed by the sabotage of the Australian NBN.” would be much more accurate.


You make an excellent point and due to character limits that will still fit nicely.

Edit: no it won’t, it’s just slightly too long (I forgot about the "the " being inserted too).

That’s easily fixed. Substitute “the Australian NBN” at the end with “Australia’s NBN” instead and it’s only one character longer than the original. If that’s still a problem the period at the end can be dropped since it doesn’t really add anything for an email sig.

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The grammar police in me are objecting (because it leaves it open as to whether the statement refers to the sabotage being to the NBN or the NBN being the sabotage). Obviously there’s a bunch of jokes in arguing it either way. :wink:


Bring it on.

ps. I got nothing.
and it’s WAY past my bedtime!

Well, yes … and one with his own ISBN prefix. Of course I’m a language pedant.

Most of those jokes are pretty lame and centre around playing with the idea that the whole damned thing is a joke (and not terribly funny either).

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Guys, this is very funny, but some help on putting out some PR on this would be really appreciated!