Heading to Brisbane for Congress, food/drink suggestions?

I’ll be flying over for the congress this July. Suggestions for restaurants and bars?

I’m hoping the Irish club itself isnt too bad that way (ie food)… I will be off my crutches but dont know how much walking i’ll be able to handle.
As such I’m having trouble figuring out what my accomodation options are that are within walking distance also, since I dont want to trust my ability to walk too far. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Fifth Element in South Bank is really nice. Has $10 cocktails from 4-6pm weekdays (and they’re really fancy ones too).

The Plough Inn (also in South Bank) is also decent.

But what about close to where we’re going to be? I don’t think people are really going to be driving to South Bank, let alone attempting Queensland public transport on a Saturday. :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said my flight doesn’t leave until midnight on Monday so I’ve got to find something to do…

South Bank isn’t that far from the city at all :stuck_out_tongue: 15 minute walk from the Irish Club, at most.

If you want somewhere in the city, around the corner from the place, Fat Louie’s has the cheapest drinks in town ($3.50 basics between 5pm-7pm) but don’t expect a lavish atmosphere or the nicest patrons haha. But they have pool tables and things.

Because I’m a student I tend to only know the cheap places, as opposed to the actual nice places to visit…

I’m actually working on an app for my thesis project which would solve this problem, recommending nice venues and such.

Getting around the innermost part of Brisbane on a Saturday isn’t too bad. The CBD is rather saturated with bus routes - though most of the ones worth catching aren’t on the surface, but in the busway tunnel.

The Irish Club isn’t quite on top of those main hubs, but it’s a couple of hundred metres from the primary CBD bus station.

The more troublesome walk would be to/from South Bank busway - it’s rather peripheral to the main strip. Fifth Element is about as close as it gets at ~250m, while Plough Inn is ~350m .

What kind of food are you looking for exactly? I don’t eat out in the city a lot, but I do at least have an idea of what’s there.

JoJos is fairly close, and does a good range of meals (http://www.jojos.com.au)

I’ve never eaten at the Irish Club, but if it is lacklustre then O’Malleys is another Irish joint fairly close that does do awesome food.

The casino is basically across the road, and has a decent restaurant or two.

If you’re looking for more lunch/snack type options, I’d just head to the bottom of the Queen St Mall (happy to show people where this, but it’s not hard to find). There’s loads of restaurants of all shapes and sizes, and it’s almost right next door to the Irish Club.

Failing all that, there’s always the typical fast food joints around too.

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