Hi, who's available in the pirate party for the next Designing Open Democracy meeting in Melbourne?

I’ve noticed in the last few meetings we haven’t had anyone from the Pirate Party in a while.

You are missing out quite a bit, as we managed to have a good venue thanks to Melbourne Business Centre.

This photo below is from our last meeting, which included those from the Fabians, Effective Altruism, Friends Institutes, Citizen Dividend Party, Open Government Forum, Melbourne Uni, Swinburne Uni and a few others.

Our last event was called “Starting a Democracy Forum / Think Tank - Is it needed? What’s required for one?” and it would have been good to have a few people who are more technically minded to attend as well.

I am also very curious to know if there is anyone in the Pirate Party who is in Melbourne who knows more about the opensource projects that Pirate Party has done for internal democracy. It could be a good topic to show to the public as well.

Our next event has not been scheduled, but it is likely to be set at late April. If you are interested, it would be good to know of your availability.

Oh and to help structure our next meeting topic, we are asking everyone a question. What are the two issues relating to democracy that needs public traction?

Any input will be appreciated.

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I will actually be in Melbourne around late April :slight_smile: Do you have a date in mind?

Based on the feedback in the roll call, it sounds like most are flexible. Since Wednesday seems to work well, we may go with Wednesday on the 17th or the 24th of April or the 1st of May. But you may suggest other days or Sunday weekend

If I recall there is easter holiday. So maybe we should pick before or after? Depends on how many holiday plans people got.

What’s your preference?

I should be able to make an appearance too. I’ll be away from Melbourne the week after Easter but I’ll be here the week prior and after.


Thanks! Unfortunately for @kaz we booked the next meeting on Wednesday the 24th of April. As we still want to keep it on the same day, within the month. But anyway, if you are able to come, please RSVP in the link below.

Quick Details Of the Event (But please RSVP above)

Event Title: Designing Open Democracy - What are the issues relating to democracy that needs public traction?
Date: Wednesday the 24th of April 2019
Time: Starting at 6pm (Room open at 5:30pm)
Location: Melbourne Business Centre, Level 9, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000 (melbournebusinesscentre.com.au)

Here is some of the issues that was submitted for consideration. Feel free to suggest further:

  • Send a submission to APS Review responding to “Priorities for Change”, advocating stronger commitment to civil society engagement.

  • Send a submission to Open Government Forum urging implementation of Commitment to civil society engagement.

  • The effect of Trump on truth, and the knock on effect to true informed Democracy

  • Particularly trust in democratic participation having any effect on society

  • Identify what will will block democratic reform and work out the best way to address it.

  • Identify the effect of poverty and inequality in democratic civil engagement.

  • Improving the public trust on the integrity of election oversight processes and audit process. (Who watches the watcher?)

  • Identify how public emotions affect election outcome. Promote methods or reform that would address this effect.

  • We need to get parties and the government system to investigate not just their voting system… but focus even more on how their nomination process work. If the nomination process is not democratic, then even with a democratic voting process, the outcome will not be democratic. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • We need to push existing parties to focus on improving their own internal democracy.

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Also just a final reminder to everyone in Melbourne that we have a meeting on this wednesday. https://www.meetup.com/DesigningOpenDemocracy/events/260170223/

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Thanks to everyone that has contributed. Here is the slide from the last event on “What are the issues relating to democracy that needs public traction?”

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