How data can benefit

But were policymakers able to access timely and sufficient data, they could decide whether more teachers or more schools are needed. Without data, decisions are just like shooting in the dark and hoping for the best.

An important article from Worldbank to us who can make this change.

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So, I read the article, and I think I disagree with any suggestion that we should help them do that.

They need good data so they can plan.
Yep. Good point.

They need data about students, from schools.
Schools have teachers. They are capable of collecting data. They need to collect it, collate it and report on it.

If they can’t do this, they need to educate themselves and do it. 54% of Nepal has internet access. They can figure this out.

If we do it for them, then we just made them dependent on us. That’s a bad idea. Don’t provide aid by doing things they could learn to do for themselves. It makes them weaker and dependent. It holds them back.

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