How small is small Government?

I am interested in the parties policies on "Small government, support for the disadvantaged, social programs and inclusion for the diversity of modern society."
I understand that there is a tendency to categorize the party as fairly centrist, but categories can sometimes be misleading.
I was hoping for a broad strokes rundown on where the party stands on this spectrum.
How would an ideal pirate party style of government maintain the sort of community support it values with a "small government."
Is the Pirate Party a third way style social democracy or something else entirely?

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Some of us like to talk about r a d i c a l c e n t r i s m, but most of us who’ve posted political quiz results tend to be firmly in the left-libertarian quadrant.

Personally I wouldn’t classify us as a small-government party so much as one that’s focused on civil liberties. “It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it”, etc.


Thanks for your answer Alex, I think I like those priorities.