Left-wing micro preference bloc

So apparently this happened. Makes sense.

A potential split has emerged in the minor party alliance controlled by “preference whisperer” Glenn Druery, with a move by some left wing parties to form their own preference swap bloc.

Nineteen micro parties, including Animal Justice, Australian Cyclists, Voluntary Euthanasia, the Sex Party, Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) and the Pirate Party met last Thursday about forming a splinter bloc called the “alliance for progress”.

@MarkG attended just to see what it was all about. There is no formal undertaking whatsoever and it seems others are playing up this meeting as something it isn’t.

Our preferencing model will still continue as planned, unless a future NC changes the rules. Mark mostly expressed this point and most parties were happy with that premise.

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I figure the only significant difference in the outcome (as measured by the GVT) would be the positioning of the Greens (shifted to after the AfP-Bloc); we already have most of these parties highly ranked.

As long as we all have each other above at least Labor, it’ll work out OK.

I think at this stage, any party than Labor or Liberal is a good idea. Any.