Low member voting numbers for pre-selection?

QLD 23%
NSW 20%
VIC 18%

Is it just me or is that a very low turnout? Is this to be expected with a party that prides itself on communication? I kinda expect better, but that’s probably just my arrogance.

If this figure is a reflection of active members compared to all members then that’s not too bad. I wonder what the numbers are like in the Greens?

Another Point:
Only 887 members in QLD/NSW/VIC combined and only 178 “active” voting members. Post election, should we consider some kind of recruitment drive?
Also, I live in a regional area; are there protocols, guidelines and templates for running a local meeting (would be v helpful!)? I’m sure I would be able to get more people involved if I was able to facilitate a local group.

PS. Well done Maroons/Reds/Bulls/Firebirds - 23%


Local meetings (in my incredibly limited experience) are super informal. Just meet up somewhere and have a chat.

It isn’t a bad turnout IMO. We get a slightly higher vote at Congress (if my memory serves me correctly).

Voting is voluntary and people have to put in the time to weigh up candidates properly. I would prefer a lower overall vote with every voter putting in the time to properly consider each candidate based on merit, than have everyone vote on a superficial glance at the candidate list.

We could always do with more participation from members and we are always trying to work out how to get them more involved.

We will be discussing how to take the Party forward more effectively both in the lead-up to Congress and at Congress itself, part of this will be trying to recruit more members and more active members.

If you want to call a local meeting, start a thread here and hassle people in IRC to publicise the event on social media. Since we do most of our organising online, AFK meetings tend to be more social events than practical politics, but are still worthwhile.

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the under 20% concerns me a little bit, anywhere between 20% and just over that is kind of normal for us

but beyond that, yeah, what Frew said. :wink: