Melbourne - Holiday meetup

If anyone is in melbourne and would like to meetup, post here. If today, then I’ll be in the city for some late coffee near melbourne central (provided its not all closed, in which case my number is --------).

Else it would be a good time for everyone to celebrate the end of the year. Just got to know everyone’s availability.

Whoever with the private number plz call again. I cannot find you.

Possibly prank call

Confirmed prank call. No biggie. As for everyone, lets organise a meetup. What’s your preferred date?


In Melbourne, January. Please post clear indication of time and place and meeting agenda. That may go awry. But will at least have been spent prior.

If Republic day shananigans are planned they should be preemptively not permitted.

The only thing that matters is the $1.3 Trillion AUD per year GDP and the no bull**** percentage or fractional reserve ratio of each company or entity in current time. Sometimes varying between 0.1 and 1 %. Very rarely touching even the theoretical explanation but weak 10%.

US hovers around 0.01% and 3%.

Every Indian listed company has this number around 25-50% ( Margin max also in BSE NSE < 30% ) still comply with < 2.5 % lending rate ( as opposed to the 7.5 % retail, YES, even savings rate for old and young and compound alike, much frowned upon, but c’mon and smell the Dilmah tea ).

This metric is different from leverage. This is actually correlated with trade rather than debt. And is time bound and real.

Also easier to simply mandate Melbourne to come and attend with ID at the respective community centres. At least once a quarter. Period.

Thanks and merry New year.