Melbourne Pirates - this Sunday (26th June)

Hi all,

The Community Cup is on this Sunday and I will be there handing out flyers and etc. If you would like to come meet me there to provide moral support and have a beer at the end, please do.

There will be a good portion of our natural support group there, it’s the easiest way to get the message out to them as possible.

It’s at Elsternwick Park. There’s a $15 entry fee. I was hoping to be outside the venue (a lot of people walk from the station), but will probably wander in at some point. Am happy to cover for some people that would like to come in to help if that’s too steep for you.

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Didn’t see any other Pirates if they turned up, but got a good response. Lots of laughs, lots of flyers, lots of questions.

It was pretty m–f--n cold though.


Apologia for not making it. I did try.