Movember 2015 - Men's mental health awareness campaign

Hi all,

I am participating in Movember this year.

If you happen to unaware of what it’s about, it’s a month-long awareness campaign, with the major sponsor being “Beyond Blue”, to bring to attention of men’s mental health issues and male-centric medical issues such as prostate cancer.

My participation involves being clean-shaven from the beginning of the month, and spending the month’s 30 days growing a moustache in any funny fashion, as well as participating in physical activities, which they’ve categorised simply as “Moving”. My photo updates can and will be found in my Movember link below. I won’t post any here.

I have no goal set, however any donation you can make to my fundraising would be appreciated. I can accept cash-in-hand donations at the next NSW crew meet up on the 28th if you don’t feel comfortable using making an online donations.

Thanks in advance :smiley: