Participative Democracy: Voting on decisions using method similar to PageRank

This article suggests the idea of adapting the basic idea of PageRank (the search algorithm at the centre of Google) into the problem space of voting.

I like this idea.
It’s very similar to what we have been proposing in Polly ( , but seems to be suggested as a more direct/immediate action.
i.e. When you vote, you can vote Yay/Nay and/or you could refer to someone who’s knowledge of the subject you respect and thereby delegate to them on this occasion.

How does that differ from Liquid Feedback, the model we’re trying to enhance (not replicate)?

  1. “I’m feeling lucky” just developed a new level of horror.
  2. “Madam, I see from your prior activity you appear to be pregnant and have just voted for Candidate X. Would you like to book in a lobotomy as well following the birth?”