Participative Democracy: Voting on decisions using method similar to PageRank

(Andrew Downing) #1

This article suggests the idea of adapting the basic idea of PageRank (the search algorithm at the centre of Google) into the problem space of voting.

I like this idea.
It’s very similar to what we have been proposing in Polly ( , but seems to be suggested as a more direct/immediate action.
i.e. When you vote, you can vote Yay/Nay and/or you could refer to someone who’s knowledge of the subject you respect and thereby delegate to them on this occasion.

(Brendan Molloy) #2

How does that differ from Liquid Feedback, the model we’re trying to enhance (not replicate)?

(Tim Challis) #3
  1. “I’m feeling lucky” just developed a new level of horror.
  2. “Madam, I see from your prior activity you appear to be pregnant and have just voted for Candidate X. Would you like to book in a lobotomy as well following the birth?”