Perth (HoR) MP resigned. By-election triggered (date TBD)

(Peter Fulton) #1

Member for Perth has resigned, however his last day is not yet for some time.

Historically a fairly safe Labor seat, having being held by ALP since the early 80s, though the last 10 years suggest the competition has been close, with ALP holding by 2PP/preferences (according to Wikipedia).

(miles_w) #2

Who do we have in Perth? Is anyone interested in contesting it?

(Peter Fulton) #3

I pinged @Fletcher on IRC to get his thoughts.
@poedgirl contested for Canning at its 2015 by-election and is directly next to (south of) Perth. Might be an idea to wonder if her circumstances have changed since as far as residential location is concerned.

(Alex Jago) #4

Be a bit of a waste if we didn’t follow through by contesting WA Senate. We’d want to be confident that we’re in a position to do that.

Edit: Oh, and Murphy says it’ll be pretty much the same time as Congress…

(Alex Jago) #5

Election timeline:

  1. Call for Candidate & Volunteers
  2. PPAU preselection process: outlined in the by-laws. Of note: requirement for candidates to undergo a police check.
  3. Fundraising
  4. Campaigning

There are a little over 40 polling places, and we’d need to cover 20 on the day to have a presence in front of half the population. So that’s the core minimal requirements - someone to be the candidate, 20 Perth-based Pirates to volunteer on the day (and maybe at prepoll), and a couple of thousand dollars.

(Alex Jago) #6

Reports are that the Liberals won’t bother contesting this one.

Update: not Fremantle either. They’ll be focusing on the state seat of Darling Ranges.

(Ben McGinnes) #7

Though I’m pretty sure it’s not explicitly referenced in the Party preselection process, obviously we should make sure any candidate would not trigger section 44 of the Constitution.