Perth tech start-up to create blockchain based e-voting system

Quoted a couple of the most interesting elements below. Full article at

[quote]They are using the block chain technology that underpins the digital currency Bitcoin.
Information goes into a block chain database that can be openly accessed and no single person can change it.[/quote]

[quote] co-founder and chief executive Adrian Petersen said it would avoid past problems, like the 2014 Senate re-run election in WA, when more than 1,300 ballots were lost in the original vote the year before.
“Instead of that, what happens is you put your vote into an electronic system and it is put onto the block chain, where it stays until the end of time,” he said.
"So effectively anyone in the world can act as a scrutineer rather than elected officials from different political parties who have a vested interest in the outcome of an election."
The start-up is in discussions with the Australian Electoral Commission and hope to first test it out at the university level, and then move to the local council, state and federal level.[/quote]

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What problem do they actually claim to be solving?

Blockchain-based technology is the XML of this decade.

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I guess it’s a nice idea, but I’m still dubious about the approximately infinite energy consumption of any blockchain tech…

Any form of pure electronic voting will prevent lost ballots and make current scrutineering obsolete. All this appears to do is throw a blockchain at probably the one part of the process that didn’t really need fixing.

Also worth noting that judging from the article they have no idea how scrutineering works.