Pirate Congress 2019!

National Congress 2019

G’day Pirates,

We hereby invite you to the 2019 Pirate Party Annual National Congress!

The National Congress is an opportunity for members to propose and debate new policies and constitutional amendments, hear nominations for Party Officials, and meet Pirates from around Australia.

It is held annually and is the paramount decision making body of Pirate Party Australia.

The National Congress will be held in Adelaide this year.


Saturday 27th July and Sunday 28th July


Payneham Community Centre,
374 Payneham Road, Payneham, SA

Members who cannot make it in person will be able to attend and fully participate online.

All participants, online or in person, are requested to RSVP and, if possible, make a contribution.

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Details of the National Congress, including the agenda, new policies, nominations, constitutional amendments and details on how to participate online will be available on the Wiki:


The National Congress is followed by a seven day voting period, which is open to all members. All members will be emailed ballot information at the opening of this voting period.

There are a number of dates and deadlines and procedures to follow if you wish to submit items to the National Congress or declare candidacy for positions.

Constitutional Amendments:

  • Deadline for amendment proposals is Saturday 29th June 2019 09:00 am (AEST)
  • Email your proposals to secretary@pirateparty.org.au

Policies and Policy Amendments:

  • It would be appreciated if policy proposals could be submitted at least 10 days before National Congress so that they can be allowed for in the agenda.
  • If you intend to propose a policy for adoption at National Congress it is recommended that you consult with the Policy Development Committee by emailing policydev@pirateparty.org.au
  • Submitting to the Policy Development Committee can help to refine your policy before it reaches the floor and thus is more likely to progress through to a full vote this year.
  • Well-written policies are more likely to succeed.
  • Email your proposals to secretary@pirateparty.org.au


  • Positions up for election are all nine Councillors, the Policy Development Officer, and one position on the Dispute Resolution Committee.
  • Nominations can be accepted up until the relevant agenda item at National Congress.
  • Nominations for electable positions can be made by following the instructions here: https://pirateparty.org.au/wiki/Pirate_Congress_2019/Nominations

We thank you for your continued support!


Yours sincerely,

Alex Jago
Pirate Party Australia

National Congress - Constitutional Amendment Proposals and other deadlines

Hi Pirates -

A quick reminder about the deadlines for proposals at National Congress.


Constitutional Amendment Proposals are due before 9:00 AM AEST on Saturday 29th June (tomorrow), in accordance with clause 9.1(2) of the Party Constitution.

Any Constitutional Amendment Proposals must be submitted to me via email: secretary@pirateparty.org.au

All such Proposals will be placed on the appropriate page of the Party Wiki by 11:59 PM on Saturday, fulfilling the notification requirements of clause 9.1(3) of the Party Constitution.

That page:



Formal Motions and Policy Motions must be submitted to me via email by Friday 19th of July. This will permit me to finalise the Agenda at least 7 days in advance (as required by the Constitution).

You’ll be able to find those motions on the Wiki too.At time of writing there aren’t any up yet, but I expect at least one.


Finally, don’t forget to nominate for National Council, Policy Officer, or Dispute Resolution Committee!

Kind Regards,
Alex Jago
Pirate Party Australia

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