Pirate Party Australia Webcast - New Season

Hi All,

I’ll be producing a new season of the Pirate Party Australia Webcast starting immediately and running at least until after the election. If you’ve never heard an episode of the webcast before you can still find it linked from the right bar on the PPAU home page.

I am looking for help to assemble content for each show. Primarily I need people to contribute ideas for topics on the show, and then to help me research those topics further so we can present our own take on the issues instead of just regurgitating the views of others.

It’s not that hard, but it’s time consuming (especially for me when I am doing it all myself). All you really need is to take a keen interest in pirate politics such that digging deeper into a story, tracking down original sources and find alternative views is something you enjoy.

If you want to actually be a co-host on the show that is also a possibility though there will be a little bit more involved in vetting people for that role due to the extra technical and “performance” requirements.

I am putting together a show tomorrow night so feel free to throw links to any recent, interesting news from the worlds of Pirate or Australian politics on which you’d like to hear a Pirate perspective.



I’ve got nothing to share Sam. Yet. But I’d like to help with research etc. It may also help hone my soc-med skills. Watching with interest.

Great job @SamKearns and @Brandon


One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.