Power to kill with Impunity

Did you know about this?

I swear there’s a competition of some sort going on between NSW and Queensland over which one can be the biggest police state.


don’t forget VIC

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Is it Pirate Policy to roll back these laws?

of course, it goes against our very principles

But this particular legislation… I think these “Sydney Criminal Lawyers” misunderstand?

24B Use of force in relation to declared terrorist act
(1) The police action that is authorised by this section when police
officers respond to any incident that is declared to be a terrorist
act to which this Part applies is authorising, directing or using
force (including lethal force) that is reasonably necessary, in the
circumstances as the police officer perceives them, to defend any
persons threatened by the terrorist act or to prevent or terminate
their unlawful deprivation of liberty.

“to prevent or terminate their unlawful deprivation of liberty.” seems to mean to prevent or stop the terrorists from holding people hostage. I don’t see how this could be applied to a non-hostage situation.

It seems to be addressing the question on whether Police should shoot at suspected terrorists who are holding hostages.

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I think this is a step too far as it offers blanket protections and there really should be checks and balances done according to a legal test, not reliant on say ministers discretion.

yeh i think enquiring further into the protections against normal citizens who arent terrorists or might be mistakenly identified as terrrorists might be worthwhile…

In general no (at least not at the moment) - that’s the prerogative of MPs.

rest of what you wrote