PR - Centrelink Authorised private data release to doxx complainant

Hi guys, we are putting together a PR to address the release of private data by Centrelink of a citizen to a journalist which essentially is to doxx said person. This is the type of intentional privacy breach we have been warning about since before the metadata retention laws came into effect.

Pad for the PR is here: - if you have some time today please help, would love to get it released today.


Yay! I actually wholly support our efforts on this one. This is shit and abuse of power and needs some strong articulation of arguments to say that with less swearing.

That’s a very mature response of a release you’ve got there.
I would’ve just framed such a release as a doxing of Tudgey, encouraging the public to make it clear why doxing people isn’t a good thing to be doing.