Project: build a wrapper for the AEC enrolment verification service

Very rarely do the Greens show superior technical prowess to us, but in this instance they have. They have a magical wrapper around the AEC enrolment verification service which I would like us to also have.

On behalf of the Programming Working Group, I am putting out this request for such a project to be developed for the Party. We can then dump it on our github with all the other fun stuff.

We need something like this to improve the verification process for new members. It would be quite nice to be able to immediately flag a new member as either enrolled or requiring manual investigation, as with the electoral changes coming up we’re very likely to be audited very soon, so I’d like us to get the heads up on that. :wink:

If you’re interested, please let me know here, or otherwise jump onto IRC and hit me up in #ppau-pwg and I can give you further information on how I think we could go about this. :slight_smile:


Actually, the Greens didn’t build the wrapper … I did. If you look inside their page you’ll see the form is in an iframe that points to — that’s on one of my servers. There is a plan in place to open source the system, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’ll try to catch up with you on IRC to discuss …

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Now available to all: