Qld state election 2015 megathread

Last I heard, we weren’t going to have anywhere near enough members to contest this one, but I’m sure there will eventually be discussion of it. Hence, I’m getting in early with this thread…

At an individual level, I’ll probably be doing some stuff with my local Greens (at the least, hand out for them on the day). PPAU promotion is a stretch goal, I guess.

Would there be a (besides the obvious for 1) PPAU recommended “How to Vote” for the QLD election? Even if we had the numbers, now would be a bit late wouldn’t it?

What are the obstacles to contesting the Qld election? Even if not registered and you have to field candidates without the party name on the ballot paper contesting an election is so valuable for energising and growing a supporter-base. Do you have some interested and suitable candidates for some targeted seats? A budget and plan to raise funds for it? A campaign platform relevant to state issues?

Many parties that haven’t gained registration field candidates without the party name on the ballot paper, so I don’t think you should let that put you off. It’s those other 3 issues which I would say are the important ones. Even if you could just have one candidate in somewhere like South Brisbane, so you can build on the profile generated through the Griffith by-election that could be good.

It’s all conditional on there being a state branch formed, and that branch having a ratified state policy platform, of which neither precondition is yet to be met.

If anybody is interested in helping with the formalisation of the Queensland state branch, I know that @Brandon and @mkeating would be interested to hear from you. :smile:

More hands on deck, the higher the chance of something happening.

Why ‘Can-Do’ may be a ‘oncer’

“In democracies, sometimes the rulers
have to change in order to ensure
that things remain the same”
— adapted from 'The Leopard’
by Giuseppe di Lampedusa

In Victoria the Napthine LNP government has lost the 2014 election
becoming the first one term government since the Labor split felled
John Cain (senior) in 1955 (see electoral map and PDF below) read more at http://workersbushtelegraph.com.au/2014/11/30/why-can-do-may-be-a-oncer/

Labor got kicked out because they pissed off the unions. The people wanted change, they got Newman.

I can’t guarantee that the LNP will get kicked out (their advertising has started already) but there are enough dissatisfied union and public service workers that would like to see an end to him.

Now: the Pirate bit. There does take a fair bit to making a registered state political party, but basically you need members, form an organisation and if you have the right number of members you can apply to the QEC and form as a political party. We are a bit short on numbers in QLD so while we are close, we probably couldn’t contest the coming election even if we did get enough (preselections, advertising etc). It’s encouraging that people are asking why we aren’t around, so if you are a member in QLD interested in helping out with organising what we need to do give us a shout!

As for who to vote, I don’t think we will make an official statement on this. I’m sure a lot of people will side with the Greens. Especially with the announcement that John Bjielke-Petersen will lead PUP in QLD.

If you can spare the time, I would certainly encourage helping out whichever other party you plan to vote for. Flyering at elections is a really unique experience, and I at least enjoy it.

Also a chance to tell other parties’ peopl about PPAU (work it in amongst a broader discussion of the micros, perhaps).

Mr Newman will visit Acting Governor Tim Carmody today, with the election to be held in late January or early February, almost two months earlier than expected.

And of course, amusingly/dishearteningly, the Courier Mail is already in full on propaganda mode:

And of course, amusingly/dishearteningly, the Courier Mail is already in full on propaganda mode.

See I don’t get the CM. They spent 75% of Newman’s time basically bashing him, now they’re all for him. They have a weird perspective on QLD politics and who they support.

I’m going to echo @alexjago’s comments about helping out the party you plan to vote for. Funnily I’ve gotten myself into the situation as a Pirate member, working for a Greens candidate, trying not to let head office know I’m not a Green. haha

Also, we’re working on getting Scott Ludlum along to an event, so I’ll let you know when we get that organised. I know there’s a few people here that would like to meet him.

PS. My candidate, Jake Schoermer, is also a techie, and advocates for pirate-like policy in the greens.

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I’m not particularly happy about the shortness of the timeframe to this election, but at least it will be over well before uni semester starts.

@coagmano, I for one would love to go to a Ludlam event.
I’ve flyered 2 elections for the Greens now, presumably they knew I wasn’t a member. Didn’t seem to care. Granted I just helped out on the day - not like I was privy to campaign strategy 3 weeks out or anything.

Hello, thought this would be as good a thread as any to introduce myself given the topic is of interest to me having moved to regional QLD some years ago from interstate.

While not a keen student of politics I have been underwhelmed by the quality of our political discourse.

So here I am checking out viable alternatives. Just had a quick chat with Fletcher on IRC and he answered the question I was going to ask about preferencing given your not contesting.


And we have Scott Ludlam coming!

The event is organised with Electronic Frontiers Australia and the Brisbane Civil Liberties Council. So should make for a good night out. Short presentations from each and then Q and A style panel.



Ping: @alexjago

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