R18 games in Western Australia could be under threat

So after all state AGs unanimously voting it in, it’s now under threat to be removed or watered down in WA.

Full analysis report can be found in this 100+ page report: http://www.parliament.wa.gov.au/parliament/commit.nsf/(Report+Lookup+by+Com+ID)/E7D4E8553F6256B548257D02001FA408/%24file/Sexualisation+report+-+June+2014+-+19+June.pdf

So they want to protect the children by banning the sale of things which already can’t legally be sold to children? Idiots.

Of course, their other option isn’t any better. How are you going to enforce that? Make it so stores can’t sell R18+ games to parents who they think are going to give it to their kids?

This is already how alcohol purchasing works, so I don’t see how it would be too unworkable.

Ideally, if you have a restricted regime of some kind, it would actually be enforced, otherwise shit like this happens.

And yet we all know that many children are still given alcohol by their parents. There’s really no way to stop it happening. The big difference between the two scenarios, and what really needs to change, is the culture. Parents for the most part do not feel that it’s acceptable to give alcohol to children, apart from the typical 1 mouthful of beer to a kid when they’re young in the hopes they’ll hate the taste and not try it (heck, many smoking parents use the very same rationale for giving their kids 1 puff when young). R18+ material on the other hand…you’ve got many parents with no problems whatsoever giving it to children, so long as it’s got no explicit sex scenes.

Maybe. This still doesn’t mean that children should be granted access to the purchasing of the game.

I think treating games the same way alcohol is treated is a bit silly, and will just be worked around by, you know, not bringing the child with you.

What a parent deems appropriate for their child after the time of purchase is up to them, I entirely agree on that. Certainly can’t hurt to ID check restricted purchases however, and that’s where the debate and implementation should end.

We’re in total agreement there.