"Recognise" - A talk by Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance (WAR)

Please watch, listen, and learn.

Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) discuss the bipartisan campaign by the Australian government to have Aboriginal people “recognised” in the Australian Constitution.

Speakers are Meriki Onus, Jarrod Hughes and Kai Clancy.

My grandfather was a victim of the stolen generation. I understand that the past will be the past, and the present will never make up for what has been done. The only way I think to proper recognition is to become a Republic, repealing of the Crown and the hand over of the lands as stated in the treaty of 1988 by Bob Hawke. I do know there will be mass racism from indigenous to whites will be rampant and will need to be mediated so that it doesn’t become bias.

Bob Hawkes treaty of 1988 outlined here