Reform on MP pay

Ok so, I’ve been reading for a while and agree with so much of what this party stands for. I always want to jump into the conversation but never really know where to. So I’m just going to go ahead and throw this out there, hoping it’s not out of line lol.

I honestly believe one of the biggest problems with our system is the amount of pay and benefits our politicians receive whilst in and out of office.

Is this something that we are addressing?

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Not out of line at all :slight_smile: Our lines, if they exist, are flexible.

I totally agree with you — the system is unclear, complex, and unreasonable. I think it’s something we should address, but at the moment we haven’t got a policy on it. I’d love to see some ideas about what reforms could be done.

How would I go about working on something like that? Should I get together a work group? I don’t have the right knowledge of legalese to put something like that together but I have ideas.

I truly believe base MP pay should be in line with the average Australian wage. If you want to be making big money go into business and industry where profit is the main concern and you can contribute more there.
Moto represent the average Australian you need to understand the average Australian, which means earning and living like one.

I don’t mind MPs having fairly high wages, though it wasn’t that long ago that the base wage for an MP went from something like $120k to $240k overnight, which takes it to a bit of a stupid realm.

Then, the real stupidity kicks in, because for every little responsibility they assume, they get extra pay. That’s ridiculous. It’s saying that being involved in the machinations of the political machinery, some of which is necessary, is all more important than just representing your constituency.

If we were to have a policy on this, I’d like to see it start with a flat pay structure for all MPs, because responsibility doesn’t equal ability or performance. And as far as performance goes, there should only be one yard stick, which is that if you’re the best for the job, then you’ll get to keep it at the next election.

I’m sure that this comes across as a bit ranty and naive, probably because it is, but the thought’s started rattling around since I heard about Abbott’s stupid $300k per year pension. I would think that being an MP and PM would kind of help him get a job when he’s out of politics, so I don’t understand how massive pensions can be justified for politicians, when pensioners with actual needs get so poorly treated. The only conclusion I’ve come up with so far is that they feel like they deserve a certain style in their life, but that elevates politicians to the status of a ruling class that should not exist in a democracy.

Anyway, end rant for now, but I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts.

I 100% agree.

I think the pensions have to go. Why are we still paying Rudd, Howard, Keating, etc.

There are people old enough to vote and pay taxes who wouldn’t even know who Paul Keating is but they’re still paying him?

Well, you’ve got a few options: