Roll Call for University students who want to help out!

Hey everyone, this thread is a roll call for any university students who would be interested in helping out in a push to promote our agenda and ideas at your institution. A core part of our strategy to begin with is likely going to be submitting articles to student magazines, news sites, papers, etc. which highlight some of the issues we are concerned with. We should probably try and get the ball rolling soon as any new membership for the party would help us ensure we stay listed as a party.

A small to-do list might look like:

  1. Figure out who would be interested in working on this project.
  2. Create a list of outlets can we submit articles to.
  3. Develop a strategy to get other interested students on board rather than simply gaining sympathy.
  4. Write and submit articles. We can make another thread for proofreading, constructive critiques, editing etc.
  5. Act to build our support on campuses around the country.

I guess I’ll start.

I’m a 2nd year Philosophy/International Relations Major at Monash University.
Lot’s Wife is the major student magazine at Monash. I know they take submissions from students and are enthusiastic about progressive causes such as ours.

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I’m a 3rd year Computer Science student at Western Sydney University, W’Sup (formerly CrUWSible) is our student paper and they too, take student pieces, but I’m not sure about how political they get having never read it.

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Can you see yourself submitting a piece? I’m thinking about writing one on the ethics of mass surveillance and/or big-data’s role in online advertising.

Potentially, but I’d have to read it first and see if they would be sympathetic - the only party club at the uni is a Liberal Club IIRC.

I’m just a lowly TAFE graduate of Computer Systems and I don’t really have any connections in education, but if there is some Pirate thing and I’m welcome on Campus as a non-student then I don’t mind joining in with stuff. Is that frowned upon? I don’t know. I’m in Melbourne.

@alexjago is active at UQ up here in brisbane and we are looking at ways/volunteers to spread to some other unis. What we’ve done so far is:

  1. Identify uni noticeboards and put club/event posters on them. Check back fortnightly to put fresh ones on if required.
  2. Organise monthly social meets at on-campus bars, restaurants, cafes etc.

Social meetups are easy and quick to organise as they provide a casual low investment space which is the perfect nucleus/ideas hub for organising and planning more complex and time intensive efforts like podcasts, newsletters, stalls, flyer handouts etc.

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