Scott Ludlam's next move

What do you think the chances are that Scott Ludlam will fall out with the Greens, renounce his NZ citizenship, and run as a Pirate at the next election?

No? What do you think he’ll do next then?

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Largely depends on if the government decide to be dickheads and attempt to recover his senatorial salary…

I doubt it, considering Abbot is likely a pommy citizen.

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Any question of him leaving the Greens to join us and putting himself up for candidacy has no weight at all until he renounces his NZ citizenship. If he wants to stand for anyone anywhere, that must first be taken care of. He’s otherwise now considered unemployable in that aspect.

In the case of Tony Abbott, no proof was made of his dual citizenship during his elected terms. There’s in fact evidence he got confirmation of renouncing his, prior to his first election 25 years ago.


as huge fan of Scotty, I approve of this idea, much as I think it is unlikely, it would be amazing.

realistically I expect him to fall into depression again and take a while to work out what on earth he’s going to do next. I doubt he will be up for anything in 2018, at least.


He will do what they all do at this point. Put on a more expensive suit and join a consultancy. His financial future has just begun. It’s Australia’s loss, his personal gain.

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eh… knowing what I know of his background and ethics, this would surprise me. I genuinely don’t think he’s been in politics (as so many are) simply because of the gravy train, or been corrupted by the material comforts of political office regardless of initial noble intentions. Peter Garrett was a huge disappointment in this regard; Scotty I expect more from. I hope this is just a temporary setback for him and he returns to politics in due time.


Nothing saying the pirate party can’t send a postcard saying “we miss you” and “why not consider becoming our leader?”. Of course we need to check that he like pirate party platform. But don’t think there should be too much friction.