Senate passes Greens motion for public release of secret Senate voting system

GREENS MOTION passed by the Senate

330 Senator Rhiannon: To move-That there be laid on the table by the Special Minister of State, no later than 15 July 2014:

(a) all correspondence and documents, whether written or in email form, from the Special Minister of State‘s office and/or the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) relevant to:
(i) the decision of the AEC to have Mr Michael Cordover declared a vexatious applicant, and
(ii) the assertion that Mr Matthew Landauer colluded with Mr Cordover to harass the AEC; and
(b) the source code of the software by which Senate vote counts are conducted.



I wonder if this reverses the requirement of him having to pay for the FOI request.

It’s good to see senators backing us every day folk.

The Australian government has defied a Senate motion calling for the release of the source code to the AEC’s election vote counting software on fears the software could be manipulated or hacked

I put in an FOI request about that last night: