Silly state (Nanny State?) rulings

Continuing the discussion from R18 games in Western Australia could be under threat:

In a similar vein I have never understood the N.S.W. ruling that supermarkets may not sell knives to under-16-year-olds. Is there a basic disconnect between age and criminality going on here?

Which of course further begs the question of the “criminal” aspect in any case?

Knee-jerk politics ≡ lazy politicians?

Tabloids and talk radio are immensely powerful because they preach to a voter segment (older voters) which already fears the young and which is very politically engaged. Moral panics transmit easily to that demographic and via them to politicians. If you hear something is being done as a response to “community concerns” it’s probably a dumb, illogical waste of money.

It’s been said before, but the young need to engage more in politics.