So, Friday night in Brisbane before Congress. Who's hungry?

So guys, many of us will be arriving in Brisbane for the Congress on the Friday afternoon/evening.

Who wants to get together for dinner/general gathering/socialising etc etc on that Friday (18/7), and does anyone have any suggestions for where this could take place and what form such festivities could take? (keeping in mind that we should also conserve some energy for the following two days)

Presumably somewhere in the CBD area would be the best type of venue.

Somewhere with vegan options would be ideal so my partner can eat. Alternatively we could meet at a pub and fend for ourselves from surrounding take-aways joints.

@Rebecca and I will be flying in around 2pm so beer and food sounds great.

Sounds like a great idea to me. =) Would probably suggest heading over to somewhere across the river at South Bank rather than a place in the CBD though, maybe one of the restaurants on Little Stanley Street. Should be easier to find a place that can accommodate all of us that way.

So can any Brissy people recommend a good place with food and drink & has vegan options in the food department?

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Mel has booked Green Tea Restaurant in the Valley. In the China Town Mall.

Booked for 7pm. 12 people. Hopefully its enough. Can probably add more people with some notice.

I am taking 2 spots (me and Jade) so is Mel. So that is 4 down… Reply promptly to get added!

Good luck.

2 spots for me and Fletcher :slight_smile:

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Yeah, sounds good. I’ll take a spot :slight_smile:

Me too :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I’ll show up :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I’ll be there also, if there’s still room. =)

Just heard from Mel, apparently the booking has been finalized and all 12 spots have been taken.

Assuming most of you are coming via train, you’re going to want to exit the shopping center that the Fortitude Valley station is inside from the main exit, which is straight ahead of the station exit. Turn left and walk to the Brusnwick/Wickham intersection. Cross that road then turn right and go up the Duncan St Chinatown mall. If you hit a major intersection, you’ve gone too far. The restaurant is about halfway up the mall.

Ok, I can either bus it in or ride my bike. We’re democratic, vote for my mode of transportation :slight_smile: