South Australian Crew Meetings

OK… now I probably should ask all the SA Crew members for an idea on when and how often the Adelaide meeting should be as to allow the most people to attend.

Currently is every fortnight (on the same night as the NC online meeting, but one hour prior to the meeting), but I am wishing to reduce the frequency to once every 4 weeks or once a month as allow more people to attend.

Can I have ideas on when you are available?

As to start… I’m currently available basically every night.

Hello Bryn:

I have university on Wednesday between 12pm - 4pm each week. Outside of those hours, I’m generally available. National Council meetings, however, are a priority.

I also have university classes on Monday, 8am - 11am; and Tuesday, 1pm - 4pm. Thursdays are generally free and I’m busy on Fridays.

I am free, however, during most nights.

Nice to meet you Bryn.