State election registration and participation

Has there been any further progress on getting PPAU registered for state elections? The last I heard was an attempt in NSW which fell flat because of the work needed to submit the paperwork.

I would be interested in donating money and time into a campaign to specifically get PPAU registered for state elections, after seeing the few contenders for the WA election, considering their upper house, it seems like a huge missed opportunity to only focus federally.

NSW’s registration requirements are archaic, where all paperwork must be filled out manually in hardcopy, thus more complicated and arduous to make sure everything is up to date for by the time AEC coordinate their work to validate our application.
We also don’t yet have the prerequisite 750 members, which is ironically more than federal requirement (500).

We could register for NSW council elections with 100 members according to the NSW Electoral Commission. We wouldn’t be able to compete in elections this year due to the 15 month delay from registration to competing, but we may get a chance to run in 2018/2019 local elections.

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If that’s the case then that should definitely be achievable with the current number of members registered in NSW.

We won’t be able to make any of the by-elections considered for this year, but at the very least we should be ready for the next state and local council elections.

If the new merged councils have larger wards with a lower quota, that should also be considered.

Either way, if anything needs to be done in this area I’d be happy to assist where I can.

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Anywhere with a quota below about 10% is eminently fightable. Campbelltown has been colonised by the Liberal Democrats for this reason. Hawkesbury, Sydney, Byron and Wentworth are also in the approximate ballpark.

I also believe any large council with a popular election for Mayor is worth a go, especially if it’s in the lead up to a federal election.


I’m more than happy to run for council in my local area, but we need a council based policy platform.

Most of our good ideas are federal, with a few state (like prison reform). I haven’t seen any policies so far on waste management for example :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s gradually happening. Once we have State level policies, it’ll be easier to extrapolate down. Transport policy is currently being worked on; we’ll also need more detail on Health and Education IMHO. Uh, Transport policies plus land tax policy equals two thirds of a land use policy, and the remaining third is probably best left to ‘locals know best for their area’ anyway.

Do you have a link to the working documents? I’ll have a look over myself and contribute if anyone is interested.

If you have the whichever night it is free, why not join the Policy Development Committee?

Tuesdays at 8:30PM, I can make that :slight_smile:

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I would also be quite interested in running in local council elections. I think that building from the ground up via local council elections would be a good way to build up a presence in a community for the future.

I’ve been out of the loop for a while now, life got in the way, but would be interested in helping and maybe even putting my hand up. How would I go about getting involved?

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Local Councils is usually pretty low entry requirements at the formal government level. Worth a shot, as I believed I mentioned upthread, anywhere that there are councillors elected at large such that you only need a smaller percentage of the vote