The Greens and the Pirates - Together?

It has been mooted elsewhere that the Greens and the Pirates should form some sort of a joint effort to oppose the #Libturds currently occupying the government seats. It has arisen out of discussions following Labor’s spineless failure to retreat from the offshore processing centres at Manus and Nauru.


We can definitely work together on campaigns where our principles align. There are major differences in politics though.

They are more ideologically driven and have some policies that are written to appeal to the old-school Left. (They have many ex-Communist Party types in their ranks.) They also support stuff like alternative medicines and opposing fluoride in drinking water due to the hippy section of their membership.

Whilst we have principles, we work from the principles to the evidence of what has been tried and has worked in other places. On issues where that isn’t available, what scientists and engineers say is possible (EG renewable energy policy).

I don’t see a formal alliance as offering anything for us, we would just become an appendage of the Greens. We already have a good working relationship them and should continue to work with them where we can. It would be worth looking in to joint campaigns more often but this needs to happen on a case by case basis.


This is the old chestnut “the enemy of mine enemy is not necessarily not mine enemy also?”

Yes there are some commonalities; but also lots of fundamental differences and this ought (needs?) to be understood, surely.


The two largest socially liberal parties (greens & ldp) oppose each other bitterly which tends to mean social liberalism is divided and under-represented in Australia. I think we should avoid contributing to that problem. We would lose some of our ability to work constructively with other groups if we glue ourselves too tightly to one.

By all means work with the greens when we agree with them though.


It is understood. It’s just an exploration of a thought bubble by someone else is all. :slight_smile:

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The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less.

Also relevant in this context:
Never turn your back on an enemy.
Your name is in the mouth of others: be sure it has teeth.
The world is richer when you turn enemies into friends, but that’s not the same as you being richer.

Unfortunately, the Greens appear to be going off the deep end. Which is a shame as some of their policies are quite good.

Well, I think the Greens and PP are of one mind when it comes to lack of an ontological distinction between man and animal( meaning that the difference is one of degree, not kind) What is it you hear the typical Greenie say when protesting over euthanasia? “We put down our dogs, why not terminally ill patients?” They’re collapsing the ontological distinction here, and they really need to work out an alternative ethics if man is no longer "unique in the eyes of god’ or ‘in communion with the divine’. That is, if he’s just another species of ape.

Over my dead and decaying body. How things change.

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My how that prediction has come to darkest fruition.

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