The Reason Party

Sorry for responding to such an old thread, I’m on the fence about a name change: novelty names like ‘pirate’ are easy to notice and also easy to dismiss…

I recently read about the Australian cycling party joining the ‘REASON’ party (or movement?) - do we have any discussions with this group? I really like the name Reason, since I’m very much science centric when it comes to policy (I’ll go whichever way the experts tell me to go)

EDIT: link

Vote Reason, because reasons. :grinning:


Ah, yes, this is the thing which the Sex Party is dissolving federally to form or become. Fiona Patten has been making noises about moving away from their name for a while and finally did it this way. Given the way it was formed and the lack of consultation within the Sex Party itself to make it happen, I doubt very much that we’d want to hitch ourselves to this thing, whatever it may become. Since the Pirate model is parcipatory, we’d likely find it of far less appeal. I suspect they’ll be less committed to ddirect governance by their members regarding the policies and goals than we are. I also suspect it’ll end up being more like something between the Progressive Party and the Greens.

As for their choice of name, it just kept reminding me of the rail gun in Snowcrash.


OT, but …

I guess Sustainable Australia no longer have any financial worries. Good reason for a party …