Transparency and Encyclopedias

Hello everyone,
I think that transparency is very important in any society but I also think that transparency doesn’t depend only on the government, it also depends on the general public.
I am working at two encyclopedias, trying to gather all the relevant data and statistics about countries. The governments release a lot of data, and I think the public should use the already available data, in order to make it available in a way that is very easy to process and to understand. After that, the public can see what kind of data is missing, and then to ask the government to provide such data.
In order to understand the economic strategy of the government and to be able to make better economic strategies, the public has to be able to access all the relevant information very easily.
I started an encyclopedia for all kind of country statistics and another one for agriculture.

It contains articles like “Public_debt_of_Spain” (in countrystats) and and “Wheat_production_in_the_United_Kingdom” (in agriculture wiki)

I think that knowledge is power and it is in our power and it’s also our duty to struggle to educate the public and to make such knowledge available.

So I would like to invite everyone to participate.