Western Australia - Skype ( Meet up )

Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering if any people from the Western Australia area would be interested in maybe doing a monthly Skype get together. Of course it would be open to anyone that would like to join the chat, and hopefully we would be able to get some connections and interesting discussions going. It is just a thought, Feel free to suggest some ideas and your thoughts.

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There’s a cool Hangouts clone that requires no accounts to use as well:

Might be even easier to set up a channel on there and link it around when you start? :smile:

oh that sounds like an awesome idea Brendan! Didn’t even know that existed :smiley:

We’ve had some in-person meetings before and were planning on doing something more often, but there wasn’t that much interest in them. There might be more interest for online meetups.

Maybe online meetups would be a bit more flexible for people which would let us work around things more.