What video would you like to see about/for the Pirate Party?

I’ve been itching to make a video for some time now (and with Brendan’s persistent naggi- Uhhh, “encouraging”), and now that I have a little more free time on my hands, I’m finally able to give it a go.

I’m considering basing it around Simon Frew’s Blog Post, and is just a general overview of what the Pirate Party basically is in Australia.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or inane criticisms are welcome!

A 60 second ad-style clip would be a great start, explaining our core concepts using little humanist clip-art figures doing things might work.

Good idea! I’ll play around with some animations in After Effects, and update the post once I’ve got something semi-usable.

Yeah a quick intro sort of “what is the pirate party” would be great. Target audience people who dont know who we are, or have heard of us and are looking to see what we are about.

(something ive wanted to make for AAAAAAGES!)

You don’t happen to have audio equipment for voice recording available to you, do you?

I’m not too confident with doing voice work (but I’ll give it a shot if I must).

@jordan You may be able to get an Australian recording off fiverr.com

I have ok gear for recording voice.

My father is an announcer on a Fairfax commercial radio station, and has a good recording setup at home. Want me to ask him if he’d be willing to do the voicework for us, or at least let me use his setup?

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Also is it something we could pressgang Sam into doing?

Voiceover people we have plenty of. Our issue is concepts, artwork and actual videos.

Focus on the conceptual design of the video work, then work out who will voice it, not the other way around.

Gotcha. I’ll start building relevant assets, and worry about sequences of.

Thanks for the input everyone! I’ll create a new topic once I’ve got enough stuff put together that we can use, and once I’ve put some kind of script outline together. :smile: