With Mark - on community radio on Thursday

Hi, I realise I’ve been a bit slack on the forum, and OK this is a post to promote something I’m up to. Still, Mark from the Pirate Party is also participating, and with some encouragement there’s more chance I’ll say more pirate material. I know there’s a pirate party webcast, but this is something I’m doing for three weeks while the regular host is away - and maybe you’d like to have a listen. Anyway, here’s the precis:

I’m hosting the “Street Talk” show this Thursday, while Danos is on a break.That’s between noon and 2pm - have a listen on 88.9 FM Sydney ( Marrickville) or streaming on the web at http://www.radioskidrow.org/ You can phone in on 02 9550 9552.

I’ll be joined by Chard Core - we’ll take a look at Uber and read out a dialogue about the effectiveness of the law - from Herbert Spencer, back in 1873. But we’ll also have a listen to Eisenhower’s warning about the “military-industrial complex”, at Gil Scott-Heron’s response - “work for peace”.

Next week we’ll be joined in the studio by Mark Gibbons - but on Thursday, he’ll join us by phone - to talk about how advertisers are invading our private space, monetising so much that was previously private.

And I’m puzzling over the union royal commission - hopefully I’ll have something worthwhile to say, and along with Chard we’ll have a look at some general topics in politics - Turnbull, the Libs … perhaps also Uber and how it has been received in Germany.

Next week Gemma Lucy Smart will join us in the studio to take a look at the nature of addiction. We’ll hear some past material - at least Vanessa Wells on lucid dreaming and perhaps more.

But there’s also the music - from the Sydney Punk band, BUNT. There’s quirky folk and general stuff - including Mic Conway’s National Junk Bank. I’ll also include a track from Sounds Like Winter’s latest upcoming album . And also other material I’m sure - something I’m still working out!


John August

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There’s an original show, where I spoke to Mark for 5 minutes or so. I’ll have this up on my website for a week or so; I’ll then put up the following show where he was in the studio. Anyway, the two links are: