A'hoy Canberra Pirates


It seems a bit quiet in the capital so I thought I’d see how many Canberra crew are about and interested in getting active. Lucky us in the ACT get two elections this year and I’d like to make some noise. Just imagine a Pirate Senator or MLA replacing any rusted on pollie we have at the moment. Sounds good huh?

Who’s in?

No one huh? Well, that sux.

It’s been incredibly hard to get any kind of momentum going here in Canberra. I’ve tried a few times and run out of steam each go. Sorry that I didn’t jump on your enthusiasm earlier but it came at a bad time for me.

G’day Adam,

Thanks for the reply. I get it, life comes first, always. I’ve never been involved with a political party before so I’m making a nuisance of myself. So being a first timer I’ve got a bit of steam to use.

I understand there are about 100 registered members in the capital so I’m curious to see how many come out of the woodwork as elections ramp up this year. I mean … our local pollies, nup, lost for words …

Anyway Adam, at least I know two others now :ok_hand:.

Anyone going to the scheduled ACT meeting on the 19th?

bump bumpity bump bump …

Well, not me. Family first. The best laid plans etc …

Hi David, I don’t check the forums that often, but I try and make it to each of the ACT meetups whenever I can. Might see you next month.
Momentum in ACT has been almost impossible to regain since 2012’s flurry of activity, and I don’t have the energy to push it myself at the moment.

The monthly meetup is scheduled for this evening. I’ll be there this month.