Party Update: August 2018 [Announcement] (8)

Thank you all for your time and energy through National Congress weekend. A new National Council has been appointed, and new ideas are coming to the fore which haven’t been broached yet. As the new President of the Pirat…

Gun Control & Self Defence ( 2 ) [Question] (25)
EU aims to abolish planned obsolescence [Article] (3)
Assistance and Access Bill 2018 [Inquiry] (4)
Corporate Social Responsibility - a switch from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder (employee) capitalism [Policy] (3)
Climate change and environment policy ( 2 ) [Policy] (26)
Artwork planning/requests [Party Improvement] (1)
The Robot Economy and the Crisis of Capitalism: Why We Need Universal Basic Income [Article] (7)
Possible Vote Disclosure in ACT Elections [Technical] (1)
Population ( 2 ) [Policy] (31)
Human Rights in Queensland [Local crews] (1)
Legalise LSD ( 2 ) [General] (30)
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Guillaume Long - Ecuador’s case for Assange’s asylum is stronger than ever [Article] (3)
Article about how Singapore tackles public housing - Potential policy ideas here [International] (1)
A real history of Aboriginal Australians, the first agriculturalists | Bruce [Video] (1)
Minor Party Alliance [Party Improvement] (3)
A new role of "Equity Officer" [Party Improvement] (7)
Finland UBI cancellation is not a failure of UBI [Article] (1)
Stefania Maurizi - Inside WikiLeaks: Working with the Publisher that Changed the World [Article] (1)
Ecuador Will Imminently Withdraw Asylum for Julian Assange and Hand Him Over to the UK. What Comes Next? [Article] (2)
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Women, Whistleblowing, Wikileaks [International] (1)
Crypto-Currencies and Taxation [Article] (7)
National Congress 2018 [Announcement] (19)
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Court Grants Julian Assange Freedom Just As U.S. Ramps Up Claims [Article] (1)
National Data Commissioner [Inquiry] (1)
Do we have a policy on ecigs yet? [Inquiry] (5)
Attack on civil rights and freedom of speech via draconian espionage act? [Article] (3)